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Traditional Food Items

All types of Kerala food items available at affordable rates

Eco friendly design

Eco friendly building and furniture made without harming nature

Creative artworks

Craft works and paintings which reflect our own culture

Community feeling

Bringing people together to develop a feeling of togetherness

About Us


Kerala artcafe was founded with the goal of creating a sense of Community. The building is designed such that its primary function is as a cafeteria for the local people to hang out and to foster a community spirit. The open cafeteria design will bring a feeling oneness with nature while being a suitable place for refreshment. Artworks, craft items with eco friendly materials and paintings are displayed as a decoration to the cafeteria. All types of traditional food items are available in the cafeteria at affordable prices.




The aim of this project is to provide an eco-friendly for locals, artists and craftsmen where their creativity can be enhanced due to closeness with nature.
This will provide a unique experience customers from there hectic and stressful daily schedule. We will provide an environment friendly atmosphere without disturbing the natural scenic beauty of the site.



working Days


Food Items

24 hr

CCTV Surveillance


Main- features


A small artificial water fountain from a statue will welcome the customers. A common counter will be there to distribute snack and beverages. This will include ice-creams, snacks and branded soft drinks. Small enclosures with benches and tables will be there for the customers. We will do our best to run the cafeteria without disturbing the existing environs. Also we are thinking about planting more plants around the cafeteria.


We welcome part-time job seekers who are interested in to work and be a part of the cafeteria.

keralaartcafe keralaartcafe


The building structure and its finishes are kept simple and presence of the building is kept to a is non intrusive to the surroundings.

The theme of artcafe led us to play with ideas that created a contrast between dark walls and blond timbers. Along with these ideas, we use a mix of raw materials, plywood, structural timbers and concrete that forms the various patterns within the feature wall. This structure will has created a playful effect that brings the site to life. The detailing and materials used intentionally designed to appear unrefined to create a relaxing atmosphere helping visitors to unwind within the space.

We will soften the space further by adding greenery. We will also introduce designed bespoke tables and stools that are, again, all made from natural materials.

Enterprise Development

The cafeteria will also act as an opportunity for enterprise development and women empowerment by authorizing Kudumbasree units for cooking and serving in these cafeterias. Kudumbasree units will be authorized the functioning of these cafeterias and the members will be responsible for proper functioning of the cafeterias.


Cafeteria gallery


The Kerala art cafe is a concept to bring together the traditional food along with Kerala’s traditional art and culture through eco friendly designs and thus to bring a community feeling to the people. The idea is introduced by Reve Designers and the cafeteria will be designed by including the various artworks shown in the images below. Our aim is to develop our culture through introducing these cafeterias in various parts of our state.


We have a talented group of youngsters who will thrive to make this concept a reality. They are supported by Reve Designers an organization which is famous for this design works. They will provide artistic support to the CAFETERIA’S design.


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